Life with Kids in North Old Town Alexandria

May 6, 2017

Life with Kids in

By Alyssa Blevins, Lead Agent

I’ve lived in North Old Town for nearly 10 years now, and I love my neighborhood. When we bought, we were newly married without children and looking for a place that was fun, less expensive than Ballston or Clarendon (where most of our friends were renting) and with an easy commute. We found all those things, but so much more has kept us here.

Now we are a family of 3, and we find just as much to love in this area with a curious and energetic toddler in tow. So, now that our weekends are less “Night on the Town” and more “Do you have a high chair,” how does North Old Town continue to work for us? Here’s how you might find us spending any given Saturday.

Get caffeinated: This is critical, and luckily for us, there are several local places that open early. We usually head to Buzz Bakeshop on Slaters because it opens at 7 AM, the coffee and pastries are fantastic (ask about the brunch cup) and they have a small area for kids to play while the grown-ups try to get going.

Outdoor Playtime: If the weather is nice, we usually head to one of the many playgrounds in the area. There are a few on Mount Vernon, one on Slaters, and if we’re really feeling like she needs to run off a lot of energy, we take her to Potomac Yards Park. This also works well in the summer as there is a splash pad and that can distract an active toddler for quite some time, minutes even.

Indoor Playtime: If the weather isn’t great for outdoors, we head over to the Charles Houston Rec Center to go to the indoor play place. It’s $5 per child for Alexandria residents, and on rainy days it has been a life saver. Be sure to bring your socks! For slightly older kids, there is also an indoor court with open gym times, so ask about that as well.

Afternoon Stroll: I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our favorite walkable ice cream spot, Slaters Market, which also serves wine by the glass for the “over-21 but not looking for a special on jello-shots” crowd. Inevitably, I end up here quite often to pick up a bottle of wine as a hostess gift or to grab a dinner ingredient I somehow forgot to get at the grocery store.

This is only a taste of the kinds of activities available for families in North Old Town. Come on by, bring the kids, and see why here, we feel right at home.